Control of invasive alien species

Control of invasive alien species

What is it about?

It consists of a consulting service to identify and control invasive alien species, whether of flora or fauna.

What for?

You have probably heard of the Asian ladybug beetle, the common reed (also called phragmites australis) or the freshwater jellyfish? These plants or animals come from overseas, and they cause problems once installed throughout our territory.

The problem with these invasive alien species is a growing one in Quebec. Specialized consulting services allow for their proper identification. Furthermore, they allow for ways to control them, since the invasive alien species spread quickly and affect our ecosystems, such as our forests, lakes and soils.

Here is what I offer

A comprehensive support service, including:

  • An on-site visit in order to identify the invasive alien species
  • Preventive measures and recommendations or a control plan

We have completed a specialized training program recognized by the Association of Biologists of Quebec (ABQ).

Control of invasive alien species
Photo of common water reed invading a private lot.
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