Forest regulation

What is it about?

The municipalities have adopted by-laws which regulate any type of action on their territory, such as tree logging or wetland protection.

These by-laws must sometimes be updated to consider current issues. We offer you the support to define or to update them.

It is very simple. We determine together where you stand, i.e. what is happening in practice, what your orientations, your values, and your requirements are. Then, we review your zoning by-law.

What for?

As a municipality, you may benefit from updating your by-laws from time to time. There are different forms of regulation. Each one of them may have a different impact on or consequences for the environment it applies to. By updating them, you seize the opportunity to have a set of by-laws perfectly adapted to your municipality.

Here is what I offer

  • Support in terms of fruitful discussions and working meetings
  • Drafting a by-law
  • The necessary mapping adapted to your needs
Forest regulation
Photo of a lake shoreline protected under municipal bylaws.
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