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Ecological study

What is it about?

It is a precise description of the fauna, the flora, and the soil of a land area.

To conduct this study, we first consult with the Centre de données sur le patrimoine naturel du Québec (CDPNQ). The data available there allows us to know if some of the plants or animals in the study area are considered, or may be considered, as vulnerable or endangered.

Then, we walk on your land mainly to:

  • Index all plant species
  • Locate animal tracks or signs of their presence
  • Locate wetlands and streams
  • Locate exceptional stands or forest ecosystems
  • Collect all physical aspects observed, such as a trail, a cliff, a view
  • Study the soil

All this information then becomes part of a report.

What for?

Do you have a precise project in mind for your land area?
An ecological study allows you to know a land area before making a decision. It may be useful, or even necessary, before engaging into:

  • A real estate development project
  • A commercial project requiring a certificate of authorization from the MELCC
  • An ecological donation
  • Any other land use or development project

Here is what I offer

  • An on-site survey
  • A report compiling all collected data

Here is a bonus!

You have no idea of what you may find on your land. Let’s go for a walk together! You will benefit from observations and advice of an experienced forest engineer and experienced biologist.

Ecological study
Photo taken to identify a toad in the hand of a forest technologist meanwhile conducting an ecological study.
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