Forest assessment

What is it about?

Forest assessment consists in allocating a monetary value to trees. For example:  

  • Ornamental value of a tree in an urban environment
  • Market value of standing timber in a wooded area
  • Value of a given damage in case of litigation
  • Monetary value of certain forest practises
  • Expropriation value in the context of a road development project

What for?

Once the monetary value has been established, you will be well equipped to submit a claim related to damage to your wooded area or, furthermore, you will have in hand all the necessary information to better choose your investments. In other words, the assessment becomes a tool to help you in your decision-making.

For example, rather than investing your money in a financial institution, you may choose to buy a wooded area and cut trees on this land, in order to sell the wood, or else to implement forestry planting.

Here is what I offer

  • An on-site visit
  • A survey, together with you, if you wish to participate
  • A report

A forest litigation? No problem…

Litigation or disagreement related to forestry may sometimes imply court proceedings. You must then have access to an expert witness. This witness should be able to confirm the monetary value related to the damage you have suffered, and to explain the methods he has used to establish this value.

I can act as an expert witness in cases of litigation in the forestry field, such as an expropriation or forest damages caused to your land by another individual.

Forest assessment
Photo from damages to a forest on a piece of land: trees cut illegally, and made in logs ready to be taken out of the woods.
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