Services related to maple syrup production

What is it about?

It is a variety of forest engineering services offered to maple sugar producers, such as:

  • To calculate the number of taps in a targeted stand area (also called maple production potential assessment or taps potential assessment)
  • To diagnose the sugar bush decadence
  • To plan joint maple production and forest management
  • To prepare a maple production plan
  • To test the soil in order to detect nutrient deficiency or to check the pH
  • To develop a business plan
  • To prepare an application for a public forest lease contract or for an area expansion
  • To prepare an application for a new quota
  • To provide any of the conventional technical services: tree marking, outlining, flag tagging

You may ask for these services, whether you produce maple products for yourself or for resale.

What for?

Whether you are, or plan to become, a sugar shack owner or a maple syrup producer, these services may assist you in reaching informed investment decisions.

They are often useful to get to know the taps potential and to estimate the expected yield when you plan to sell or expand your sugar bush, or to buy one.

Here is what I offer

Here is a bonus

I am accredited as a consultant (dispensateur) by the Réseau agriconseils Laurentides et Lanaudière, which allows me to obtain grants to help you pay service fees.

Photo of pipes used to collect the sap in a sugar bush.
Photo of pipes used to collect the sap in a sugar bush.
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