Urban forestry

What is that about?

Urban forestry is a science which studies trees in an urban environment. It is a specific branch of forestry, based on the fact that, in cities, a tree has at once a social, environmental and an economic purpose.

In our language, we say that a tree growing in a city is suffering from stress factors. These factors differ from the ones found in a forest setting. Urban forestry allows us to recognize them, and act on them, in order to maintain the trees in good health.

What for?

Whether you are an individual or a municipality, you may have to reach for urban forestry service for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To carry out a tree inventory and a map reference of your wooded area.
  • To identify various plant species.
  • To determine the species types to reforest or transplant.
  • To determine the tree vigour and obtain recommendations regarding lifts or guying.
  • To assess the presence of insects or sicknesses.
  • To develop a land-use plan for your wooded area.
  • To develop a comprehensive preventive tree management plan in an urban or near-urban environment.
  • To formulate recommendations, as well as drawings and specifications, related to urban planning involving trees and shrubs.
  • To implement comprehensive architectural plans for projects located near shared wooded areas.

Here is what I offer

A variety of services corresponding to your goal, and in any case, you will always get:

  • An on-site visit
  • A report
  • A tracking of your trees over the time
Urban forestry
Photo taken to identify a black maple tree from a leaf collected in a wooded area.
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